Plaintext Journal

Some time ago the journaling app I was using discontinued their current app version and released a new one. The new app disabled the third-party-sychronization functionality and required that all entry sychronization go through their own proprietary platform.

This was unacceptable. And a review of the available journaling platforms at the time didn't inspire much confidence or interest. So I decided to roll my own basic journaling system using Editorial for iOS.

The process involves some small amount of manual directory juggling (YYYY/MM/ Once in the right shared directory, I run my Journal script to create a journal template complete with timestamp and location (and location emoji!).

Editorial synchronizes the jouurnal directory with dropbox and I can periodically run a simple python script to convert the markdown journal entries into a HTML "website" I can browse on my laptop.

One thing that's missing is an HTML browser on my phone, but I'm more likely to be writing on the phone and reading on my laptop so it hasn't crossed the threshold of annoying-thing-that-must-be-written yet.