Free Your Mind...

...from Dropbox.

After reading this post by Brian Brewington I got to thinking about the data I store in Dropbox. I have some things that I’ve shared publically, since Dropbox is pretty convenient for that sort of thing. But I also have a few private directories. Particularly my todo list and my journal.

I’ve kept my todo list and journal in plaintext form for a while, synchronized between my computers and my phone over Dropbox. It is convenient, but I don’t really trust Dropbox with my private data.

So I set out to put together an alternative system.

I’m now using git repositories on my computer to store the private things that I want to access on my phone. My passwords are encrypted at rest. Other repositories are just secured by virtue of my computer’s privacy.

I’m using the very functional Working Copy to push and pull and edit repositories on my phone.

I’ve also moved my journaling process off of the seemingly unsupported Editorial app to a new system. I have created a Workflow workflow, a Drafts action, and a set of Pythonista scripts. It is a rather complex setup, but it puts all of my journaling tools right on my phone. I no longer require a script on my computer to generate easy to read HTML files from the contents of my journal.

One limitation is that iOS Safari can not seem to open files in the iPhone file system, so the only way to view the journal in HTML form is within Working Copy. The program does pretty well with that, though. It even works with links between documents. One thing it’s missing is a browser history, but so far that hasn’t been an issue.

Some day soon I’ll clean up the python scripts. They were written in a very exploratory way on a small phone screen, so the code meanders quite a bit.