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Biomedical engineer and programmer with experience in laboratory, clinical, and manufacturing settings. Flexible in the application of hardware and software skills to problem solving and device design.


Artann Laboratories - Senior Biomedical Engineer

October 2009 - Present; Ewing, NJ

  • Redesigned and manufactured the Colonoscopy Force Monitor for increased comfort and unobtrusive operation based on operator feedback.
  • Analyzing clinical test data and statistics in Matlab to guide user training and generate reports and scientific publications.
  • Developing LabView control systems for automated electromechanical device calibration, testing, and verification systems.
  • Systematically investigating improvements for tactile pressure sensor arrays to expand the potential use cases of the technology.
  • Built, tested, and analyzed an infra-red fluorescence positioning device as part of a joint project with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Coordinating clinical testing of experimental devices and working with clinicians to improve device usability and efficacy.
  • Setting up and maintaining the ownCloud document management system for seamless sharing of all key documentation and data among the team members.
  • Training new operators on the safe operation of manufacturing machines.
  • Writing and editing documentation, patents, and grants for technical accuracy and grammatical correctness.

Advanced Tactile Imaging - Director of Manufacturing

January 2014 - Present; Trenton, NJ

  • Coordinating the manufacturing team to build medical devices.
  • Devising and optimizing scalable manufacturing procedures.
  • Performing delicate microscope augmented manufacturing steps.
  • Writing, editing, and maintaining ISO 13485 compliant documentation to codify the medical device manufacturing process.
  • Designing parts for injection molding and other contract manufacturing.
  • Researching, designing, and prototyping new medical device iterations.
  • Maintaining the manufacturing inventory system.
  • Coordinating contract manufacturing of parts and subassemblies.
  • Attending trade shows and conferences to explain the technical aspects of our novel medical technology to potential clients and investors.

Vox Vapes - Mechanical Engineering Consultant

February 2015 - Present; Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Designing and prototyping new products in a fast-paced, competitive market.
  • Coordinating product machining with contract manufacturers.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Biomedical Engineer, Neonatology

March - August 2012; Philadelphia, PA

  • Completed clinical testing of an infra-red fluorescence positioning device.
  • Worked closely with doctors, pathologists, and clinical technicians to successfully and quickly carry out experiments in constrained conditions.

A F Communications - Network Administrator and International Business Assistant

Fall 2003 - Present; Manalapan, NJ

  • Developing a 2-way radio call logging and recording server for public safety networks. System is based on PostgreSQL + Python/Django + JavaScript/HTML5.
  • Configuring and maintaining IP network infrastructure in Kiev spanning multiple sites and supporting an emergency response radio network.
  • Translating English/Russian technical documents and business communications.

GWU Marvin Center - Audio-Video Technician

February - August 2009; Washington DC

  • Established the foundation for the center's webcasting service, enabling live AV streaming of client events online
  • Assisted clients with AV and computer equipment setup and operation during meetings and large conferences.


  • U.S. Patent 8033991 B2: Handgrip for assessment of colonoscope manipulation
  • DDW 2014 Poster: Colonoscopy Force Monitoring: Development and Validation of Next Generation Force Sensing Technology Using Model and Human Colonoscopy
  • DDW 2015 Poster: Randomized Trial of Effect of Propofol vs Moderate Sedation on Colonoscopy Force Generation: An Interim Analysis


The George Washington University

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Instrumentation Concentration (cum laude)

Senior Design Project: 3D Optical Scanning System

Senior Design Award in Biomedical Engineering for depth of knowledge, novelty of design, ability to work independently, and helpful support for peers.


Software Development

  • Python, Django
  • Matlab
  • Labview
  • C
  • Objective-C
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS

Engineering Tools

  • SolidWorks
  • Mastercam
  • KiCAD
  • Haas G-Code
  • Soldering (Standard, Miniature, Rework)
  • Machining (CNC Mill, Manual Mill and Lathe)
  • 3D Printing

System Administration

  • Mikrotik RouterOS
  • Linux Server (CentOS)
  • ownCloud data storage


English and Russian bilingual proficiency